Participant Solutions Center

The Participant Solutions Center offers support for options outside the 457 plan

We educate your participants to help them better understand plan options such as:

  • deferrals 
  • consolidating retirement assets in their plan account 
  • increasing overall plan participation

Nationwide created the Participant Solutions Center through our affiliate, Nationwide Securities, LLC, to provide additional financial guidance to plan participants on an opt-in basis. These services add a financial guidance plan participants may need to help them make more informed decisions during key transitions, such as when they change jobs or retire.

How the Participant Solutions Center can help

It is a service for financial options outside of the 457 deferred compensation plan. It is a simple three-step process that leads participants to a variety of investment options based on their financial needs.

  1. Fill out a worksheet of personal financial information with interested participants that covers everything from current income sources and investments to assets, liabilities and more.
  2. Provides a personalized Financial Needs Analysis at no additional cost to you or your participants. It illustrates the retirement outlook and offers general guidelines to help with decisions about financial products and services. It also includes forecasted estimates on everything from cash-flow needs to long-term health care costs, taking inflation, life expectancy and other factors into consideration.
  3. Help participants explore investment options based on gaps reported in the analysis. Options include IRAs, mutual funds from multiple fund families, annuities, life insurance and banking solutions. Fees apply only at the individual product level when a participant elects to make a purchase.

Nationwide offers the Participant Solutions Center through our affiliate Nationwide Securities, LLC. The products and services offered by Nationwide Securities, LLC are separate and distinct from the plan administration services that are provided by Nationwide Retirement Solutions, Inc.

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